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Moisture and magnetism are some of the most common causes of damage in watches. Pictured: Tag Heuer Grand Carrera and Omega Speedmaster Titanium MoonWatch

It's not keeping accurate time.According to COSC or Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute's standards, the margin of error for a watch is up to 4 seconds slow or 6 seconds fast. Some watches may have a stricter margin of error,fake watches such as Corum Replica with its current +2 / -2 standard.If your watch is running slower or faster than this, then it's best to have it checked by a professional.There are different scenarios for this. It's possible that your movement has been magnetized; the lubrication in your watch is drying up and needs to be oiled again or some parts have been worn down or affected by impact. In any case, an expert needs to assess what may be causing the inaccuracies.

If your watch is not keeping accurate time, it may be time for a service. Pictured: Cartier Calibre Silver Dial and Black Dial Chronograph Mens Watch

Some parts seem to be either loose or tight. There are at least 100 different parts in the average automatic watch that can be jostled as you wear it.Patek Philippe Replica Watches If the hands seem to be loose or you hear a rattling noise inside the watch, there may be a spring or screw that's not in place. It's a good idea to have your watch checked to see if everything is in it's right place.You may also notice that over time, the crown becomes stiff or loose; and it becomes more difficult to set the time and date. It may indicate that the stem (which is inside the watch movement) has been stuck or has snapped - and it will need to be professionally repaired.

It's also a good idea to have your watch checked if you will be exposing it to elements -- such as when you're going on a vacation. Have it checked for magnetization and water resistance and inspected for any loose or damaged parts.

These preventive measures will ensure that your watch is protected against common hazards and will be in tip-top shape.