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Chopard Replica Watches are the result of great engineering. They require a sizeable investment because they represent a long history of expertise and handcrafted ingenuity, and are meant to last for a lifetime.

As well made as they are, they're not "set it and forget it" machines. They can run trouble-free for many years, but they still require regular maintenance. Many in the watch industry suggest getting a watch serviced, anywhere between 3 to 5 years.

That said, there are some reliable signs that your watch needs to be checked by an expert - even if it has been serviced recently.

What does it mean to "service" a watch?A full service entails a couple of complicated procedures. It begins by opening the watch, disassembling the movement,Chopard Replica Watches and cleaning its parts. Some parts will need to be fixed or replaced if there is damage.

Once it's cleaned, the movement is reassembled and its parts, especially contact points, are fully lubricated. The gaskets - a Chopard Replica Watches seal that fills the parts between two surfaces - are also changed to ensure that water resistance is replaced. The watch is then adjusted and timed for accuracy.

Chopard Replica Watches are meant to last for a lifetime, but still require regular maintenance. Pictured: Jaeger LeCoultre Master World Geographic Mens Watch

Signs that your watch needs a serviceMost watch manufacturers recommend a service every 3 to 5 years, and some can stretch as long as 10 years.tudor replica watches However, there are telltale signs that your watch needs a service sooner rather than later. Look out for these signs:

1. There is moisture inside the watch case.Moisture is one of the main causes of damage in watches, as it can cause corrosion inside the movement. If you notice moisture or condensation underneath the glass, you need to have it professionally checked as soon as possible.Moisture inside the watch may indicate that the gaskets have been worn out or that the watch was not resealed properly (if it has just recently been serviced).Lastly, keep wearing your watch, even at night, if you can't send it for servicing immediately. Your body temperature will help keep moisture away from the moving parts.